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  Dictionary Definition of throw

verb, threw, thrown, throwing, noun

-- verb (t)
1. to project or propel forcibly through the air by a sudden jerk or straightening of the arm; propel or cast in any way.
2. to hurl or project (a missile), as a gun does.
3. to project or cast (light, a shadow, etc.).
4. to project (the voice).
5. to make (a voice) appear to be coming from a place other than its source, as a ventriloquist does.
6. to direct (words, a glance, etc.).
7. to cause to go or come into some place, position, condition, etc., as if by throwing: to throw a man into prison, to throw a bridge across a river, to throw troops into action.
8. to put hastily: to throw a shawl over one's shoulders.
9. Machinery a. to move (a lever, etc.) in order to connect or disconnect parts of an apparatus or mechanism. b. to connect, engage, disconnect, or disengage by such a procedure.
10. to shape on a potter's wheel.
11. to bring to bear or exert (influence, authority, power, etc.).
12. to deliver (a blow or punch).
13. Cards a. to play (a card). b. to discard (a card).
14. to cause to fall to the ground; bring to the ground, as an opponent in wrestling or as an animal for branding.
15. Colloquial to permit an opponent to win (a race, contest, or the like) deliberately, as for a bribe.
16. (of certain wines) to deposit sediment.
17. to cast (dice).
18. to make (a cast) at dice.
19. (of a horse, etc.) to cause to fall off.
20. (of domestic animals) to bring forth (young).
21. Colloquial to astonish; disconcert; confuse.
22. Textiles to wind or twist silk, etc., into threads.
23. to arrange or host (a social event): she threw a party last Saturday.
-- verb (i)
24. to cast, fling, or hurl a missile, etc.
-- noun
25. an act of throwing or casting; a cast or fling.
26. Colloquial a turn in a game involving throwing, as ball games, etc.
27. the distance to which anything is or may be thrown: a stone's throw.
28. a venture or chance: it was his last throw.
29. Machinery a. the movement of a reciprocating part or the like from its central position to its extreme position in either direction, or the distance traversed (equivalent to one half of the travel or stroke). b. the arm or the radius of a crank or the like; the eccentric, or the radius o