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  Dictionary Definition of thou

thou [1]
pronoun, singular, nominative thou possessive thy or thine ; objective thee ; plural, nominative you or ye ; possessive your or yours ; objective you or ye ; verb

-- pronoun
1. the personal pronoun of the second person, in the singular number and nominative case, used to denote the person (or thing) spoken to: formerly in general use, often as indicating: a. equality, familiarity, or intimacy. b. superiority on the part of the speaker. c. contempt or scorn for the person addressed; but now little used (being regularly replaced by you, which is plural, and takes a plural verb) except provincially, archaically, in poetry or elevated prose, in addressing the Deity, and by the Friends or Quakers, who, however, usually say not thou but thee, putting with it a verb in the third person singular ( thee is ).
-- verb (t)
2. to address as 'thou'.
-- verb (i)
3. to use 'thou' in discourse.
[ME; OE thu, c. G and MD du, L tu ]