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  Dictionary Definition of thin

adjective, thinner, thinnest, adverb, verb, thinned, thinning.

-- adjective
1. having relatively little extent from one surface or side to its opposite; not thick: thin ice.
2. of small cross-section in comparison with the length; slender: a thin wire.
3. having little flesh; spare; lean.
4. having the constituent or individual parts relatively few and not close together: thin vegetation.
5. not dense; sparse; scanty.
6. having relatively slight consistency, as a liquid; fluid; rare or rarefied, as air, etc.
7. without solidity or substance; unsubstantial.
8. easily seen through, transparent, or flimsy: a thin excuse.
9. lacking fullness or volume, as sound; weak and shrill.
10. faint, slight, poor, or feeble.
11. lacking body, richness, or growth.
12. lacking in chroma; of light tint.
13. Photography (of a developed negative) lacking in opaqueness and yielding prints without strong contrasts of light and shade.
-- adverb
14. so as to be thin: slice it thin.
-- phrase
15. thin down, to become thin or thinner.
16. thin down or thin out, to make thin or thinner.
17. thin off, to become reduced or diminished.
18. thin on the ground, scarce, few in number.
[ME and OE thynne, c. G dŁnn; akin to L tenuis ]
-- thinly, adverb -- thinness, noun