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  Dictionary Definition of taps

tap [1]
verb, tapped, tapping, noun

-- verb (t)
1. to strike lightly but audibly; strike with slight blows.
2. to make, put, etc., by tapping.
3. to strike (the hand, foot, etc.) lightly upon or against something.
4. to add a thickness of leather to the sole or heel of (a boot or shoe), as in repairing.
-- verb (i)
5. to strike lightly but audibly, as to attract attention.
6. to strike light blows.
-- noun
7. a light but audible blow.
8. the sound made by this.
9. ( plural ) US Military last post.
10. a thickness of leather added to the sole or heel of a boot or shoe, as in repairing.
11. a piece of metal attached to the toe or heel of a shoe to make the tapping of a dancer more audible.
12. a minimum amount; skerrick: You haven't done a tap of work since you been here. -- FRANK HARDY, 1963.
[ME tappen, from F taper strike, slap; of Gmc origin]
-- tappable, adjective