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  Dictionary Definition of tapes

noun, verb, taped, taping.

-- noun
1. a long narrow strip of linen, cotton, or the like, used for tying garments, etc.
2. a long narrow strip of paper, metal, etc.
3. a tape measure.
4. ® magnetic tape.
5. a string or the like stretched across the finishing line in a race and broken by the winning contestant.
6. Horseracing the starting line of a race when no barrier stalls are used, as in trotting, picnic races, etc.
7. the ribbon of white paper on which a ticker prints quotations or news.
-- verb (t)
8. to furnish with a tape or tapes.
9. to tie up or bind with tape.
10. to measure with, or as if with a tape measure.
11. to tape-record.
-- phrase
12. have someone taped, Colloquial to understand thoroughly, especially a person's weakness or guile.
13. have something taped, Colloquial to be in complete control of or be easily able to do (something).
[ME, unexplained var. of ME tappe, OE tęppe strip (of cloth)]
-- taper, noun -- tapeless, adjective -- tapelike, adjective