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  Dictionary Definition of tame

adjective, tamer, tamest, verb, tamed, taming.

-- adjective
1. changed from the wild or savage state; domesticated: a tame bear.
2. gentle, fearless, or without shyness, as if domesticated, as an animal.
3. tractable, docile, or submissive, as a person, the disposition, etc.
4. lacking in animation; dull; insipid: a tame existence.
5. spiritless or pusillanimous.
6. cultivated, or improved by cultivation, as a plant, its fruit, etc.
7. local: a tame genius.
8. rendered manageable for human or domestic use: a tame water supply.
-- verb (t)
9. to make tame; domesticate; make tractable; subdue.
10. to deprive of courage, ardour, or interest.
11. to soften; tone down.
12. to bring under control or render manageable, as for domestic or human use: to tame the natural resources of a country.
[ME; OE tam, c. G zahm; akin to Goth. tamjan, verb, L domare ]
-- tameabilitytamability , tameablenesstamableness, noun -- tamely, adverb -- tameness, noun -- tamer, noun