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  Dictionary Definition of tag

tag [1]
noun, verb, tagged, tagging.

-- noun
1. a piece or strip of strong paper, leather, or the like, for attaching by one end to something as a mark or label.
2. any small hanging or loosely attached part or piece; tatter.
3. a loop of material sewn on a garment so that it can be hung up.
4. a point or binding of metal, plastic, or other hard substance at the end of a cord, lace, or the like.
5. Angling a small piece made of tinsel or the like, tied to the shank of a hook at the body of an artificial fly.
6. a tag end.
7. the refrain of a song or poem.
8. the last words of a speech in a play, etc., as a curtain line or cue.
9. (in popular music) a coda.
10. an addition to a speech or writing, as the moral of a fable.
11. a trite quotation or cliché, especially one in Latin.
12. a word or phrase applied as characteristic of a person or group.
13. a curlicue in writing.
14. the identifying mark or signature of a graffitist.
15. a lock of hair.
16. a matted lock of wool on a sheep.
17. the tip of the tail of a fox.
18. Obsolete the rabble.
-- verb (t)
19. to furnish with a tag or tags; to attach a tag to.
20. (of a graffitist) to identify (graffiti) with a tag (def 14).
21. to append as a tag to something else.
22. to apply as characteristic a word or phrase to (a person or group).
23. Colloquial to follow closely.
24. to attach a price tag to; to price.
-- phrase
25. tag along, to follow closely; go along or about as a follower.
[ME; origin obscure, ? related to TACK1. Cf. Swed. tagg prickle, point]