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  Dictionary Definition of sweep

sweep [1]
verb, swept, sweeping, noun

-- verb (t)
1. to move, drive, or bring, by passing a broom, brush, or the like over the surface occupied, or as the broom or other object does: to sweep dust away.
2. to move, bring, take, etc., by or as by a steady, driving stroke or with continuous, forcible actions: the wind sweeps the snow into drifts.
3. Cricket to strike (the ball) with a cross bat close to the ground, on the leg side, usually backward of square leg.
4. to pass or draw (something) over a surface, or about, along, etc., with a steady, continuous stroke or movement: to sweep a brush over a table.
5. to clear or clean (a floor, room, chimney, etc.) of dirt, litter, etc., by means of a broom or the like.
6. to make (a path, etc.) by clearing a space with a broom or the like.
7. to clear (a surface, place, etc.) of something on or in it: to sweep the sea of enemy ships.
8. to pass over (a surface, region, etc.) with a steady, driving movement or unimpeded course, as winds, floods or fire.
9. to direct the gaze over (a region, etc.) with the unaided eye or with a telescope or the like; survey with a continuous view over the whole extent.
10. to win an overwhelming victory, as in an election: the Labor Party swept the polls in the 1972 election.
11. Music a. to pass the fingers or bow over (a musical) instrument, its strings or keys, etc.) as in playing. b. to bring forth (music) thus.
12. Electronics to scan (a band of frequency) when receiving a signal, or to generate a signal which moves across (a band of frequency).
-- verb (i)
13. to sweep a floor, room, etc., as with a broom, or as a broom does: a new broom sweeps clean.
14. to move ( down, over, etc.) steadily and strongly or swiftly.
15. to pass in a swift but stately manner, as a person, a procession, etc.
16. to walk in long, trailing garments.
17. to trail, as garments, etc.
18. to move or pass in a continuous course, especially a wide curve or circuit: his glance swept about the room.
19. to extend in a continuous or curving stretch, as a road, a shore, fields, etc.
20. to conduct an underwater search by towing a drag under the surface of the water, as for mines, a lost anchor, or the like.
21. Cricket to execute a sweep.
-- noun
22. the act of sweeping, especially a moving, removing, clearing, etc., by or as by the use of a broom: to abolish all class distinctions at one sweep.
23. the steady, driving motion or swift onward course of something moving with force or unimpeded: the sweep of the wind or waves.
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