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  Dictionary Definition of start

verb (i)
1. to begin to move, go, or act; set out, as on a journey.
2. to begin any course of action or procedure, as one's career, life, etc.
3. (of a process or performance) to begin.
4. to come suddenly into activity, life, view, etc.; come, rise, or issue suddenly.
5. to spring or move suddenly from a position or place: to start from one's seat.
6. to move with a sudden, involuntary jerk or twitch, as from a shock of surprise, alarm, or pain.
7. to protrude: eyes starting from their sockets.
8. to spring, slip, or work loose from place or fastenings, as timbers or other structural parts.
9. to be among the starters in a race, contest, or the like.
-- verb (t)
10. to set moving, going, or acting: to start an engine, a fire, etc.
11. to set in operation; establish: to start a newspaper.
12. to enter upon or begin: to start a letter.
13. to cause or enable (a person, etc.) to set out on a journey, a course of action, a career, or the like: to start one's son in business.
14. to cause (timbers, structural parts, etc.) to start from place or fastenings.
15. to rouse (game) from its lair or resting place; flush.
16. to draw or discharge (liquid or other contents) from a vessel or container, or empty (a container).
17. to force (a screw, nail, or the like) into a surface a little way to give it a hold before driving.
-- noun
18. a beginning to move, go, or act; the beginning or outset of anything; a setting in motion.
19. an impulse to move or proceed; a signal to start, as on a course or in a race.
20. the place or point from which competitors in a race, travellers, or the like set out: Hobart was the start to our tour of Tasmania.
21. the first part of anything: the start of his article was good, but later it became unreadable.
22. a sudden, springing movement from a position.
23. a sudden, involuntary jerking movement of the body: to awake with a start.
24. a lead or advance of specified amount, as over competitors or pursuers.
25. the position or advantage of one who starts first; the lead: she has got the start on the rest of us.
26. a chance or opportunity given to one of starting on a course or career.
27. a spurt of activity: to work by fits and starts.
28. a starting of parts from their place or fastenings in a structure.
29. the resulting condition.
30. Archaic. a burst, outburst, or sally, as of emotion, wit, or fancy.
[ME; akin to STARTLE an
noun Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty; an arms control agreement between the US and Russia (formerly the Soviet Union), also ratified by Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine; the formal treaty, START I, was signed in 1991 and backed up by an informal agreement on nuclear force reductions, START II, in 1993.