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  Dictionary Definition of spit

spit [1]
verb, spat or spit, spitting, noun

-- verb (i)
1. to eject saliva from the mouth; expectorate.
2. to do this at or on a person, etc., to express hatred, contempt, etc.
3. to sputter.
4. to fall in scattered drops or flakes, as rain or snow.
5. to make a noise as of spitting.
-- verb (t)
6. to eject (saliva, etc.) from the mouth.
7. to throw out or emit, especially violently.
8. to utter vehemently.
-- noun
9. saliva, especially when ejected.
10. the act of spitting.
11. a frothy or spitlike secretion exuded by various insects; spittle.
12. a light fall of rain or snow.
-- phrase
13. dead spit, Colloquial ® spitting image.
14. spit blood, Colloquial to feel and express extreme annoyance, anger, etc.
15. spit chips, Colloquial to be very annoyed.
16. spit it out, Colloquial speak up.
17. spit the dummy, Colloquial a. to give up or opt out of a contest or the like before there is reasonable cause to do so. b. to throw a tantrum.
18. the big spit, Colloquial vomit.
[ME; OE spittan c. d. G spitzen, akin to OE spætan spit]
-- spitlike, adjective -- spitter, noun