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  Dictionary Definition of spin

spin [1]
verb, spun or ( Archaic ) span ; spun ; spinning ; noun

-- verb (t)
1. to make (yarn) by drawing out, twisting, and winding fibres.
2. to form (any material) into thread.
3. (of spiders, silkworms, etc.) to produce (a thread, cobweb, gossamer, silk, etc.) by extruding from the body a long, slender filament of a natural viscous matter that hardens in the air.
4. to cause to turn round rapidly, as on an axis; twirl; whirl: to spin a coin on a table.
5. (in sheet metalwork) to shape into hollow, rounded form, during rotation on a lathe or wheel, by pressure with a suitable tool.
6. to produce, fabricate, or evolve in a manner suggestive of spinning thread, as a story.
7. a. Cricket (of a bowler) to cause (the ball) to revolve on its axis so that on bouncing it changes direction or speed. b. Tennis, etc. to hit (the ball) so that it behaves thus.
8. Two-up to toss (the coins).
-- verb (i)
9. to turn round rapidly, as on an axis, as the earth, a top, etc.
10. to produce a thread from the body, as spiders, silkworms, etc.
11. to move, go, run, ride, or travel rapidly.
12. to be affected with a sensation of whirling, as the head.
13. to fish with a spinning or revolving bait.
-- noun
14. the act of causing a spinning or whirling motion.
15. a spinning motion given to a ball or the like when thrown or struck.
16. Aeronautics a condition of stalled flight in which the aircraft is rotating about all its axes simultaneously.
17. a moving or going rapidly along.
18. a rapid run, ride, drive, or the like, as for exercise or enjoyment.
19. Colloquial a state of confusion or excitement.
20. Colloquial experience or chance generally: a rough spin, a fair spin.
21. Physics the angular momentum of a molecule, atom, or particle, when it has no velocity of translation.
-- phrase
22. spin a yarn, a. to tell a tale. b. to tell a false or improbable story or version of an event.
23. spin out, a. to draw out, protract, or prolong: to spin out a story tediously. b. to spend (time, one's life, etc.). c. to make last, as money; eke out. d. Colloquial to lose control of a vehicle with the result that the vehicle spins off the road. e. Colloquial to react with extreme apprehension; freak out.
24. spin someone out, Colloquial