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  Dictionary Definition of sort

1. a particular kind, species, variety, class, group, or description, as distinguished by the character or nature: to discover a new sort of mineral.
2. character, quality, or nature.
3. a more or less adequate or inadequate type or example of something: he's some sort of friend.
4. manner, fashion, or way.
5. ( usually plural ). Printing one of the kinds of characters of a font of type.
-- verb (t)
6. to arrange according to sort, kind, or class; separate into sorts; classify.
7. Agriculture to prepare (wool) for processing by breaking up fleeces into bales of matching types, according to quality, number, length and colour.
-- phrase
8. a good sort, Colloquial a. one who is likeable, trustworthy, reliable. b. a sexually attractive woman or man.
9. of sorts, a. of a mediocre or poor kind. b. of one sort or another; of an indefinite kind.
10. out of sorts, a. not in a normal condition of good health, spirits, or temper. b. Printing short of certain characters of a font of type.
11. sort of, to a certain extent; in some way; as it were.
12. sort out, a. to separate or take out from other sorts, or from others. b. to deal with: to sort the matter out.
13. sort someone out, a. to attend to (someone's) needs. b. to assert a point of view, overriding a conflicting view from (someone else).
14. sort with, to assign (someone or something) to (a particular class, group, or place)
[ME, from OF sorte, from L sors lot, condition, LL class, order]
-- sortable, adjective