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  Dictionary Definition of solo

noun, plural solos, soli adjective, adverb

-- noun
1. a musical composition performed by or intended for one singer or player, with or without accompaniment.
2. any performance, as a dance, by one person.
3. a flight in an aeroplane during which the aviator is unaccompanied by an instructor or other person.
4. Cards a. Also, solo whist. a game similar to whist in which one player may opt to oppose all others. b. any of certain other games in which one person plays alone against others.
5. a motorcycle without a sidecar.
-- adjective
6. Music performing alone, as an instrument or its player.
7. performed alone; not combined with other parts of equal importance; not concerted.
8. alone; without a companion or partner: a solo flight in an aeroplane.
-- adverb
9. alone: he made his first flight solo.
-- phrase
10. go solo, a. to undertake an enterprise, activity, etc., alone. b. Cards in the game of solo, to oppose all other players. c. to leave a group and embark upon a solo career.
[It., from L solus alone]
noun former name of Surakarta.