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  Dictionary Definition of snow

1. the aqueous vapour of the atmosphere precipitated in partially frozen crystalline form and falling to the earth in white flakes.
2. these flakes as forming a layer on the ground, etc.
3. the fall of these flakes.
4. something resembling snow.
5. the white hair of age.
6. Poetic white blossoms.
7. Poetic the white colour of snow.
8. Chemistry carbon dioxide snow.
9. Colloquial cocaine or heroin.
10. white spots on a television screen caused by a weak signal.
11. an opaque liquid used in correcting typescript.
12. snow pudding.
-- verb (i)
13. (of snow) to fall: it snowed last night.
14. to descend like snow.
-- verb (t)
15. to let fall as or like snow.
16. to overwhelm (someone) with facts and information in an attempt to distract attention from some aspect of the situation.
-- phrase
17. be snowed under, to be overcome by something, as work.
18. it's snowing down south, Colloquial ( euphemistic ) (an expression pointing out that someone's underwear is showing).
19. snow in or snow over or snow under, to cover, obstruct, isolate, etc., with snow.
20. the snow, snowfields, usually developed for recreational use: Are you going to the snow this year?
[ME; OE snaw, c. D sneeuw, G Schnee ]
-- snowlike, adjective
noun Sir C ( harles ) P ( ercy ), 1905--80, English teacher, administrator, and novelist; works include an 11-volume novel series, Strangers and Brothers (1949--70).