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  Dictionary Definition of slope

slope [1]
verb, sloped, sloping, noun

-- verb (i)
1. to take or have an inclined or slanting direction, especially downwards or upwards from the horizontal.
2. to descend or ascend at a slant.
-- verb (t)
3. to direct at a slope or inclination; incline from the horizontal.
4. to form with a slope or slant.
-- noun
5. inclination or slant, especially downwards or upwards.
6. deviation from the horizontal.
7. an inclined surface.
8. ( often plural ) an area of sloping ground.
9. Military the position of standing with the rifle resting at a slope on the shoulder.
10. Also, slopehead. Colloquial ( derogatory ) a person of a Mongoloid race, as Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.
-- phrase
11. slope arms, to bring one's rifle to the slope position.
[aphetically from aslope, adverb, on a slant]
-- sloper, noun -- sloping, adjective -- slopingly, adverb -- slopingness, noun