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  Dictionary Definition of slop

slop [1]
verb, slopped, slopping, noun

-- verb (t)
1. to spill or splash (liquid).
2. to spill liquid upon.
-- verb (i)
3. to spill or splash liquid (sometimes followed by about ).
4. Colloquial (of persons, etc.) to be unduly effusive; gush.
5. to walk or go ( along, through, etc.) on (a route) covered by mud, slush or water.
-- noun
6. a quantity of liquid carelessly spilled or splashed about.
7. ( often plural ) weak or unappetising liquid or semiliquid food.
8. ( often plural ) the dirty water, liquid refuse, etc., of a household or the like.
9. swill, or the refuse of the kitchen, etc., often used as food for pigs or the like.
10. liquid mud.
11. ( plural ) Distilling. the mash remaining after distilling.
12. ( plural ) Colloquial beer.
13. Colloquial a choppy sea.
-- phrase
14. slop over, (of liquid) to run over in spilling.
[ME sloppe mudhole, OE -sloppe (in cusloppe cowslip, lit., cow slime); akin to SLIP3 ]