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  Dictionary Definition of slip

slip [1]
verb, slipped or ( Archaic ) slipt ; slipped ; slipping ; noun

-- verb (i)
1. to pass or go smoothly or easily; glide; slide (fol. by along, away, down, off, over, through, etc.): water slips off a smooth surface.
2. to slide suddenly and involuntarily, as on a smooth surface; to lose one's foothold.
3. to move, slide, or start from place, position, fastening, the hold, etc.
4. to get away, escape, or be lost: to let an opportunity slip.
5. to go, come, get, etc., easily or quickly: to slip into a dress.
6. to pass insensibly, as from the mind or by, etc., as time.
7. to go quietly; steal.
8. to move quickly and lightly.
9. to pass superficially, carelessly, or without attention, as over a matter.
10. Colloquial to become somewhat reduced in quantity or quality: the market slipped today.
11. Motor Vehicles (of a clutch) to engage with difficulty as a result of wear.
-- verb (t)
12. to cause to slip, pass, put, draw, etc., with a smooth, easy, or sliding motion: to slip one's hand into a drawer.
13. to put or draw quickly or stealthily: to slip a letter into a person's hand.
14. to let slip from fastenings, the hold, etc.
15. to release from a leash or the like, as a hound or a hawk.
16. to untie or undo (a knot).
17. Nautical to let go entirely, as an anchor cable or an anchor.
18. to haul (a boat) out of the water onto a slipway.
19. to let pass unheeded; neglect or miss.
20. to pass over or omit, as in speaking or writing.
21. to slip away from, escape from or elude, as a pursuer.
22. to release oneself from (restraint, etc.).
23. to escape (one's memory, notice, knowledge, etc.).
24. (of animals) to bring forth (offspring) prematurely.
25. Motor Vehicles to operate (the clutch) gradually so that the drive to the wheels increases speed smoothly.
-- noun
26. the act of slipping.
27. a slipping of the feet, as on slippery ground.
28. a mishap.
29. a mistake, often inadvertent, as in speaking or writing: a slip of the tongue.
30. an error in conduct; an indiscretion.
31. something easily slipped on or off.
32. a kind of dog's lead.
33. a woman's sleeveless underdre