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  Dictionary Definition of slant

verb (i)
1. to slope; be directed or lie obliquely.
-- verb (t)
2. to slope; direct or turn so as to make (something) oblique.
3. a. to distort or give partisan emphasis to (a newspaper story, article, etc.) in order to present a point of view, especially a critical one. b. to present (a publication, piece of writing, etc.) so as to attract a specified class of people.
-- noun
4. slanting or oblique direction; slope: the slant of a roof.
5. a slanting line, surface, etc.
6. a mental leaning or tendency, especially unusual or unfair; bias.
7. an attitude, approach, or way of treating subjects, as the mood of a piece of writing, a mental tendency, etc.
[defs 1-3 var. of slent (from Scandinavian; cf. Norw. slenta ), with vowel of ASLANT. Defs 4-7 aphetic var. of ASLANT ]
-- slanting, adjective -- slantingly, slantly, adverb