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  Dictionary Definition of sit

verb, sat or ( Archaic ) sate, sitting.

-- verb (i)
1. to rest on the lower part of the body; be seated.
2. to be situated; dwell.
3. to rest or lie.
4. to place oneself in position for an artist, photographer, etc.: to sit for a portrait.
5. to act as a model.
6. to remain quiet or inactive.
7. (of a bird) to perch or roost.
8. to cover eggs to hatch them.
9. to fit or be adjusted, as a garment.
10. to occupy a seat in an official capacity, as a judge or bishop.
11. to have a seat, be an elected representative, as in parliament.
12. to be convened or in session, as an assembly.
13. to act as a babysitter.
14. to be a candidate for an examination; take an examination.
-- verb (t)
15. to cause to sit; seat (often with down ).
16. to sit upon (a horse, etc.).
17. to provide seating room for; seat: a table which sits eight people.
-- phrase
18. be sitting pretty, Colloquial to be comfortably established; be at an advantage.
19. sit down, to take a seat; be seated.
20. sit in, (of a performer) to attach oneself temporarily to a band.
21. sit in for, to take the place of temporarily: he'll be out for an hour so I'll sit in for him.
22. sit in on, take part in as a spectator, observer, or visitor: we were allowed to sit in on the debate.
23. sit on or sit upon, a. to have a place (on a committee, etc.): he has sat on several committees during the past few years. b. Colloquial to check; rebuke; repress. c. to prevent (a document) from becoming public knowledge so as to avoid the action demanded by it: the government is sitting on the report.
24. sit out, a. to stay till the end of: though the film was boring we sat it out. b. to take no part in; keep one's seat during (a dance, etc.): she sat out the last few dances because she was tired.
25. sit pat, Colloquial to stick to one's decision, policy, etc.
26. sit tight, to take no action; bide one's time: I'll sit tight till I know what the decision is.
27. sit up, a. to raise oneself from a lying to a sitting position. b. to stay up later than usual; not go to bed. \pla