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  Dictionary Definition of sides

noun, adjective, verb, sided, siding.

-- noun
1. one of the surfaces or lines bounding a thing.
2. either of the two surfaces of paper, cloth, etc.
3. one of the two surfaces of an object other than the front, back, top, and bottom.
4. either of the two lateral (right and left) parts of a thing.
5. either lateral half of the body of a person or an animal, especially of the trunk.
6. the space immediately beside someone or something: the girl stood at his side.
7. an aspect; phase: all sides of a question.
8. a side of a state border: people from the NSW side.
9. region, direction, or position with reference to a central line, space, or point: the east side of a city.
10. a department or division, as of teaching in a school: the science side, the arts side.
11. a slope, as of a hill.
12. one of two or more parties concerned in a case, contest, etc.
13. line of descent through either the father or the mother: his maternal side.
14. Colloquial an affectedly superior manner; pretentious airs: to put on side, to bung on side.
15. either of two lateral parts of the framework of a ship.
16. Billiards a spinning motion imparted to a ball by a quick stroke on one side of its centre.
-- adjective
17. being at or on one side: the side aisles of a theatre.
18. coming from one side: side glance.
19. directed towards one side: side blow.
20. subordinate: a side issue.
-- phrase
21. on side, likely to support another, as in an argument, application, etc.: John thinks he has David on side.
22. on the far side of, on the more remote side of (some event, place, etc., seen as a point of divide): on the far side of the grave.
23. on the side, a. separate from the main subject. b. Colloquial as a sideline; secretly.
24. on the... side, tending towards the quality or condition specified: this coffee is a little on the weak side.
25. on this side of, on the nearer side of (some event, place, etc., seen as a point of divide): on this side of sleep.
26. put on one side, to leave for later consideration; shelve.
27. side by side, next to one another; together; in close proximity.
28. side with or side against, to place oneself with or against a si