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  Dictionary Definition of shy

shy [1]
adjective, shyer, shyest or shier, shiest, verb, shied, shying, noun, plural shies.

-- adjective
1. bashful; retiring.
2. easily frightened away; timid.
3. suspicious; distrustful.
4. reluctant; wary.
5. short: shy of funds.
6. Colloquial failing to pay something due, as one's ante in poker.
7. not bearing or breeding freely, as plants or animals.
-- verb (i)
8. to start back or aside, as in fear, especially a horse.
9. to draw back; recoil.
-- noun
10. a sudden start aside, as in fear.
-- phrase
11. fight shy of, to avoid; keep away from.
[ME schey, OE sceoh, c. MHG schiech; akin to G scheu ]
-- shyer, noun -- shyly, adverb -- shyness, noun