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  Dictionary Definition of show

verb, showed, shown or showed, showing, noun, adjective

-- verb (t)
1. to cause or allow to be seen; exhibit; display; present.
2. to point out: to show the way.
3. to guide; escort: he showed me to my room.
4. to make clear; make known; explain.
5. to prove; demonstrate.
6. to indicate; register: the thermometer showed ten degrees below zero.
7. to allege, as in a legal document; plead, as a reason or cause.
8. to produce, as facts in an affidavit or at a hearing.
9. to make evident by appearance, behaviour, etc.: to show one's feelings.
10. to accord or grant (favour, etc.).
-- verb (i)
11. to be seen; be or become visible.
12. to look or appear: to show to advantage.
13. Colloquial to give an exhibition, display, or performance.
14. US. to finish in third place in a horse race, etc.
15. to appear pregnant: she started to show in the fifth month.
-- noun
16. a display: a show of freedom.
17. ostentatious display.
18. any kind of public exhibition.
19. the act of showing.
20. appearance: to make a sorry show.
21. an unreal or deceptive appearance.
22. an indication; trace.
23. a non-commercial quantity of oil or gas encountered in drilling.
24. Pathology (in pregnancy) a discharge of blood and mucosal tissue, indicating the onset of labour.
25. Colloquial a theatrical performance or company.
26. Chiefly US. a chance: to get a fair show.
27. a sight or spectacle.
28. any undertaking, organisation, etc.; affair.
29. a public collection of things on display; a competitive exhibition of farm produce, livestock, etc.
30. colour (def. 19).
31. Colloquial a party.
-- adjective
32. of or relating to an animal bred or trained to be entered into a show (def. 33).
-- phrase
33. a show of hands, a voting procedure in which hands are raised to show assent for or dissent from a proposition.
34. give the show away, to reveal all the details of a plan, scheme, etc.