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  Dictionary Definition of shot

shot [1]
noun, plural shots or (for defs 5 and 7) shot ; verb, shotted, shotting.

-- noun
1. the discharge or a discharge of a firearm, bow, etc.
2. the range of the discharge, or the distance covered by the missile in its flight.
3. an attempt to hit with a projectile discharged from a gun or the like.
4. the act of shooting.
5. a small ball or pellet of lead, of which a number are used for one charge of a sportsman's gun.
6. such pellets collectively: a charge of shot.
7. a projectile for discharge from a firearm or cannon.
8. such projectiles collectively.
9. a person who shoots: he was a good shot.
10. a heavy metal ball which competitors cast as far as possible in shot-put.
11. an aimed stroke, throw, or the like, as in games, etc.
12. an attempt or try.
13. a remark aimed at some person or thing.
14. a guess at something.
15. Colloquial an injection of a drug, vaccine, etc.
16. US. a small quantity of something, especially of liquor.
17. Photography, Film a. the making of a photograph. b. a photograph. c. a length of cinefilm taken without stopping or cutting.
18. Mining, etc. an explosive charge in place for detonation.
-- verb (t)
19. to load or supply with shot.
20. to weight with shot.
-- phrase
21. big shot, Colloquial an important person.
22. call the shots, Colloquial to be in command.
23. have a shot at, Colloquial to make an attempt at.
24. have a shot at someone, Colloquial to criticise; ridicule.
25. like a shot, Colloquial instantly; very quickly.
26. one's best shot, one's greatest effort.
27. shot in the arm, Colloquial something that gives renewed confidence, vigour, etc.
28. shot in the dark, a wild or random guess.
29. that's the shot!, (an exclamation of approval).
30. the shot, Colloquial the best option: SP betting's the shot.
[ME; OE sc ( e ) ot, gesceot, c. G Schoss, Geschoss; \f