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  Dictionary Definition of short

1. having little length; not long.
2. having little height; not tall; low.
3. extending or reaching only a little way.
4. brief; not extensive: a short speech.
5. concise, as writing.
6. rudely brief; curt; hurting: short temper; he was short with her.
7. low in amount; scanty: short rations.
8. not reaching a mark or the like, as a throw or a missile.
9. below the standard in extent, quantity, duration, etc.: short measure.
10. having a scanty or insufficient amount of (money, food, etc.): we are short of bread.
11. breaking or crumbling readily, as pastry that contains a large proportion of butter or other shortening.
12. (of metals) deficient in tenacity; friable; brittle.
13. (of the head or skull) of less than ordinary length from front to back.
14. Commerce. a. not possessing at the time of sale commodities or stocks that one sells. b. denoting or relating to sales of commodities or stocks which the seller does not possess; depending for profit on a decline in prices.
15. Phonetics a. lasting a relatively short time: bit has a shorter vowel than bid or bead. b. belonging to a class of sounds considered as usually shorter in duration than another class, such as the vowel of hot as compared to bought; conventionally, the vowels of bat, bet, bit, hot, good, and but.
16. (of an alcoholic drink) small, usually with a comparatively high alcoholic content.
17. Cricket of a ball which pitches well down the wicket from the person batting.
-- adverb
18. abruptly or suddenly: to stop short.
19. briefly; curtly.
20. on the nearer side of an intended or particular point: to fall short.
21. Commerce. without possessing at the time the stocks, etc., sold: to sell short.
22. Cricket pitching well down the wicket from the batsman.
-- noun
23. something that is short.
24. what is deficient or lacking.
25. Military a shot which strikes or bursts short of the target.
26. Electricity a short circuit.
27. Commerce. one who has sold short.
28. Prosody a short sound or syllable.
29. Film a. ( usually plural ) a short film made up of excerpts from a feature film soon to be released; trailer. \pla
noun Roger Valentine, born 1930, Australian anatomist and physiologist.