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  Dictionary Definition of shoot

verb, shot , shooting, noun

-- verb (t)
1. to hit, wound, or kill with a missile discharged from a weapon.
2. to execute or put to death with a bullet.
3. to send forth (arrows, bullets, etc.) from a bow, firearm, or the like.
4. to discharge (a weapon): to shoot a gun.
5. to send forth like an arrow or bullet: to shoot questions at someone.
6. to fling; throw; propel; direct.
7. to send swiftly along.
8. to go over (country) in shooting game.
9. to pass rapidly along with: to shoot a rapid ; to shoot a wave.
10. to emit (rays, etc.) swiftly.
11. to variegate by threads, streaks, etc., of another colour.
12. to cause to extend or project.
13. to discharge or empty; send down a chute.
14. Football, Hockey, etc. to kick or drive (the ball, etc.) as at the goal.
15. to accomplish by kicking or driving the ball, etc.: to shoot a goal.
16. to propel (a marble or the like) from the thumb and forefinger.
17. Dice to toss (the dice).
18. Photography to photograph or film.
19. to put forth (buds, branches, etc.), as a plant.
20. to slide (a bolt, etc.) into or out of its fastening.
21. to take the altitude of (a heavenly body): to shoot the sun.
22. Mining to detonate.
23. Colloquial to inject intravenously (any form of drug).
-- verb (i)
24. to send forth missiles, from a bow, firearm, or the like.
25. to send forth missiles, or be discharged, as a firearm.
26. to move, start to move, or pass suddenly or swiftly ( ahead, away, into, off, etc.).
27. to come forth from the ground, as a stem, etc.
28. to put forth buds or shoots, as a plant; germinate.
29. Photography to photograph or film.
30. Film, TV to film a scene.
31. to propel a ball, etc., in a particular direction or way, as in games.
32. (of pain) to move quickly through a part of the body: pain shot through his arm.
33. to kill game with a gun for sport.
34. Colloquial to begin, especially to begin to talk.
-- noun
35. an act of shooting with a bow, firearm,