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  Dictionary Definition of shoe

noun, plural shoes, ( Archaic ) shoon ; verb, shod, shoeing.

-- noun
1. an external covering, usually of leather, for the human foot, consisting of a more or less stiff or heavy sole and a lighter upper part.
2. US. boot1 (def. 1).
3. some thing or part resembling a shoe in form, position, or use.
4. a horseshoe, or a similar plate for the hoof of some other animal.
5. a ferrule or the like, as of iron, for protecting the end of a staff, pole, etc.
6. the part of a brake mechanism fitting into the drum and expanded outwardly to apply the friction lining to the drum rim for stopping or slowing a car, etc.
7. the outer casing of a pneumatic tyre.
8. a drag or skid for a wheel of a vehicle.
9. a part having a larger area than the end of an object on which it fits, serving to disperse or apply its thrust.
10. the sliding contact by which an electric locomotive takes its current from the conductor rail.
11. Building Trades the bearing surface or area of contact of a roof truss, girder, etc.
12. a band of iron on the bottom of the runner of a sledge.
-- verb (t)
13. to provide or fit with a shoe or shoes.
14. to protect or arm at the point, edge, or face with a ferrule, metal plate, or the like.
-- phrase
15. in someone's shoes, in the position or situation of another: I shouldn't like to be in his shoes.
16. know where the shoe pinches, to know the cause or real meaning of trouble, misfortune, sorrow, etc., especially from personal experience.
[ME shoo, OE scoh, c. G Schuh ]