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  Dictionary Definition of sharp

1. having a thin cutting edge or a fine point; well adapted for cutting or piercing.
2. terminating in an edge or point; not blunt or rounded.
3. having sudden change of direction, as a turn.
4. abrupt, as an ascent.
5. composed of hard, angular lines, as a person's features.
6. clearly outlined; distinct.
7. marked, as a contrast: a sharp distinction.
8. pungent or biting in taste.
9. piercing or shrill in sound.
10. keenly cold, as weather, etc.
11. (of sand) containing very little or no clay.
12. intensely painful; distressing: sharp pain.
13. harsh; merciless: sharp words.
14. fierce or violent: a sharp struggle.
15. keen or eager: sharp desire.
16. quick or brisk.
17. vigilant: a sharp watch.
18. mentally acute: a sharp mind.
19. shrewd or astute: sharp at making a bargain.
20. shrewd to the point of dishonesty: sharp practice.
21. Music a. above an intended pitch, as a note; too high. b. (of a note) raised a semitone in pitch: F sharp.
22. Phonetics fortis; voiceless.
23. Telecommunications of, relating, or responsive to a very narrow range of frequencies. Cf. broadband.
24. stylish or elegant, especially in an ostentatious manner.
-- adverb
25. keenly or acutely.
26. abruptly or suddenly: to pull a horse up sharp.
27. punctually: at one o'clock sharp.
28. vigilantly: look sharp!
29. briskly; quickly.
30. Music above the true pitch.
-- noun
31. something sharp.
32. an implement, utensil, tool, etc., with a sharp point, as a hypodermic needle.
33. sharper.
34. Obsolete a criminal.
35. Music a. a note one semitone above a given note. b. (in musical notation) the symbol indicating this.
[ME; OE scearp, c. G scharf ]
-- sharply, adverb -- sharpness, noun
1. Cecil James, 1859--1924, Australian musician and conductor, born in England.
2. James, 1613--79, Scottish Presbyterian leader who left his church to become Charles II's chaplain.
3. Martin, born 1942, Australian graphic artist.
4. William (' Fiona Macleod '), 1855--1905, Scottish writer.