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  Dictionary Definition of shaper

noun, verb, shaped, shaping.

-- noun
1. the quality of a thing depending on its outline or external surface.
2. the form of a particular thing, person, or being.
3. something seen indistinctly, as in outline or silhouette.
4. an imaginary form; phantom.
5. an assumed appearance; guise.
6. a particular or definite form or nature: the shape of things to come.
7. proper form; orderly arrangement.
8. condition: affairs in bad shape.
9. something used to give form, as a mould or a pattern.
-- verb (t)
10. to give definite form, shape, or character to; fashion or form.
11. to couch or express in words: to shape a statement.
12. to adjust; adapt.
13. to direct (one's course).
-- verb (i)
14. Also, shape up. to develop; take place in a specified manner; assume a definite form or character.
-- phrase
15. shape up, to stand ready to fight.
16. shape up or ship out, to perform as required or leave.
17. take shape, to assume a definite or concrete form.
[defs 1--9 (noun): ME, noun use of SHAPE, verb; replacing ME shap, OE ( ge ) sceap form, creature, c. Icel. skap state, mood; defs 10--14 (verb): ME; replacing ME schippe, OE scieppan create, shape (pp. scapen, whence current present form), c. Goth. gaskapjan create]
-- shaper, noun