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  Dictionary Definition of sea

1. the salt waters that cover the greater part of the earth's surface.
2. a division of these waters, of considerable extent, more or less definitely marked off by land boundaries: the Tasman Sea.
3. one of the seven seas.
4. a large lake or landlocked body of water.
5. the turbulence of the ocean or other body of water as caused by the wind; the waves.
6. a large, heavy wave or swell: heavy seas rocked the boat.
7. one of various more or less clearly defined areas on the surface of the moon, formerly thought to be areas of water.
8. a widely extended, copious, or overwhelming quantity: a sea of faces, a sea of troubles.
-- adjective
9. of, relating to, or adapted for the sea.
-- phrase
10. at sea, a. out on the ocean. b. in a state of perplexity: all at sea ; a little at sea.
11. by sea, on a ship.
12. follow the sea, to follow a nautical career.
13. go to sea, a. to set out upon a voyage. b. to take up a nautical career.
14. half seas over, drunk.
15. put to sea, to set out from port.
16. the high seas, the sea away from land, especially outside territorial waters.
[ME see, OE sæ, c. D zee, G See, Icel. sær, Goth. saiws ]