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  Dictionary Definition of say

verb, says , said , saying, noun

-- verb (t)
1. to utter or pronounce; speak.
2. to express in words; state; declare.
3. to state as an opinion, or with assurance.
4. to recite or repeat: to say one's prayers.
5. to assume as a hypothesis or an estimate: to learn in, say, ten lessons.
6. to report or allege; maintain: people say he will resign.
-- verb (i)
7. to speak; declare; express an opinion.
-- noun
8. what a person says or has to say.
9. Colloquial the right or opportunity to say, speak or decide.
10. turn to say something: it is now my say.
-- phrase
11. have the last say, to have the final authority: the treasurer has the last say on a budget of this size.
12. I say!, (an exclamation to attract attention or to express surprise, protest, joy, etc.).
13. that is to say, in other words; otherwise.
[ME; OE secgan, c. D zeggen, G sagen, Icel. segja ]
-- sayer, noun