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  Dictionary Definition of run

verb ( ran, run, running )

-- verb (i)
1. to move quickly on foot, so as to go more rapidly than in walking (in bipedal locomotion, so that for an instant in each step neither foot is on the ground).
2. to do this for exercise, as a sport, etc.
3. to hurry; go quickly.
4. to move swiftly by rolling on wheels or in various other ways: the train ran along the track.
5. to make a quick succession of movements, as with the fingers: the pianist ran up the scale.
6. to move easily or swiftly, as a vehicle, on wheels, a vessel, etc.
7. to make off quickly, take to flight.
8. to make a short, quick, or casual journey, ( up, over, round, etc.), as for a visit, etc.
9. Racing a. to take part in a race. b. to finish a race in a certain (numerical) position: he ran second.
10. to stand as a candidate for election: he is running for president.
11. to migrate, as fish: to run in huge shoals.
12. (of fish) to pass upstream or inshore from deep water to spawn.
13. to sail or be driven (ashore, into a channel, etc.), as a vessel or those on board.
14. Nautical to sail before the wind.
15. to ply between places, as a vessel.
16. to traverse a route, as a public conveyance: the buses run every hour.
17. to have recourse to, as for consolation: he's always running to his mother.
18. to move, revolve, slide, etc., especially easily, freely, or smoothly: a rope runs in a pulley.
19. to flow, as a liquid or a body of liquid, or as sand, grain, or the like.
20. to flow along, especially strongly, as a stream, the sea, etc.: with a strong tide running.
21. to melt and flow, as solder, varnish, etc.
22. to spread or diffuse when exposed to moisture, as dyestuffs: the colours in this fabric run.
23. to flow, stream, or be wet with a liquid.
24. to discharge or give passage to a liquid.
25. to creep, trail, or climb, as vines, etc.
26. to pass quickly: a thought ran across his mind.
27. to continue in or return to the mind persistently: a tune running through one's head.
28. to recur or be inherent: madness runs in the family.
29. to come undone, as stitches or a fabric; ladder.
30. to be in operation or continue operating, as a machine.