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  Dictionary Definition of roses

1. Lionel Edmund, born 1948, Australian bantamweight boxer, world champion 1968.
2. ( Iain ) Murray, born 1939, Australian swimmer; Olympic gold medallist.
rose [1]
noun, verb, rosed, rosing.

-- noun
1. any of the wild or cultivated, usually prickly-stemmed, showy-flowered shrubs constituting the genus Rosa, having in the wild state a corolla of five roundish petals.
2. any of various related or similar plants.
3. the flower of any such shrubs, usually of a red, pink, white, or yellow colour, and often fragrant.
4. an ornament shaped like or suggesting a rose; a rosette of ribbon or the like.
5. the traditional reddish colour of the rose, varying from a purplish red through different shades to a pale pink.
6. a pinkish red colour in the cheek.
7. a rose window.
8. an ornamental plate or socket which surrounds a doorknob on the face of a door, an electric or gas light fitting, on a ceiling, etc.
9. the compass card of the mariners' compass as printed on charts.
10. a form of cut gem formerly much used with a triangularly faceted top and flat underside: a rose diamond.
11. a perforated cap or plate at the end of a water pipe or the spout of a watering-can, etc., to break a flow of water into a spray.
-- adjective
12. of the colour rose.
-- verb (t)
13. to make rose-coloured.
14. to flush (the cheeks, face, etc.).
-- phrase
15. bed of roses, a situation of luxurious ease; an easy and highly agreeable position.
16. under the rose, secretly; privately.
[ME and OE, from L rosa ]
-- roselike, adjective