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  Dictionary Definition of rope

noun, verb, roped, roping.

-- noun
1. a strong, thick line or cord, commonly one composed of twisted or braided strands of hemp, flax, or the like, or of wire or other material.
2. ( plural ) the cords used to enclose a boxing ring or other space.
3. a hangman's noose.
4. death by hanging as a punishment.
5. a quantity of material or a number of things twisted or strung together in the form of a thick cord: a rope of beads.
6. US. lasso.
7. a stringy, viscid, or glutinous formation in a liquid.
8. ( plural ) methods; procedure; operations of a business, etc.: know the ropes; learn the ropes.
9. Military a long piece of metal foil used as chaff to confuse the low-frequency radar spectrum.
-- verb (t)
10. to tie, bind, or fasten with a rope.
11. to enclose or mark off with a rope.
12. to catch with a lasso.
-- verb (i)
13. to be drawn out into a filament of thread; become ropy.
-- phrase
14. give someone enough rope to hang themsel, Colloquial to allow (someone) the freedom to prove their unworthiness.
15. on the ropes, a. Boxing driven against the ropes by one's opponent. b. in a hopeless position; near to failure.
16. rope in, Colloquial to draw, entice, or inveigle into something.
[ME; OE rap, c. D reep, G Reif ]