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  Dictionary Definition of rod

1. a stick, wand, staff, shaft, or the like, of wood, metal, or other material.
2. a straight, slender shoot or stem of any woody plant, whether growing upon or cut from the plant.
3. a pole used in angling or fishing.
4. a stick used to measure with.
5. a linear measure in the imperial system, of 5{1}/ yards or 16{1}/ feet, equal to 5.0292 m.
6. a square rod (30{1}/ square yards or 25.29 m2); a square perch or pole.
7. Building Trades a standard measure of brickwork, 272 square feet of a standard thickness of 1{1}/ bricks, or 306 cubic feet (approx. 8.66 m3).
8. a stick, or a bundle of sticks or switches bound together, used as an instrument of punishment.
9. punishment or chastisement.
10. a wand or staff carried as a symbol of office, authority, power, etc.
11. authority; sway; tyrannical rule.
12. Colloquial revolver; pistol.
13. (in biblical use) an offshoot or branch of a family; a scion; a tribe.
14. Anatomy one of the rodlike cells in the retina of the eye which respond to dim light.
15. Bacteriology any micro- organism which is neither spherical nor spiral, but elongated.
16. an electrode, as in arc welding.
17. a car.
18. Colloquial the erect penis.
[ME and OE rodd; appar. akin to Icel. rudda kind of club]
-- rodlike, adjective