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  Dictionary Definition of riot

1. any disturbance of the peace by an assembly of persons.
2. Law a disturbance of the peace by at least three persons (or, in NZ, at least six) carrying out a common purpose in a violent manner so as to cause alarm and so as to discourage any opposition.
3. violent or wild disorder or confusion.
4. loose or wanton living; unrestrained revelry.
5. an unbridled outbreak, as of emotions, passions, etc.
6. a brilliant display: a riot of colour.
7. Colloquial one who or that which causes great amusement, enthusiasm, etc.
-- adjective
8. of, relating to, or dealing with riots: riot squad; riot shields.
-- verb (i)
9. to take part in a riot or disorderly public outbreak.
10. to live in a loose or wanton manner; indulge in unrestrained revelry.
11. to indulge unrestrainedly; run riot.
12. Hunting (of a hound) to follow the scent of an animal other than the intended quarry.
-- phrase
13. riot away, to spend (money, time, etc.) in riotous living.
14. run riot, a. to act without control or restraint; disregard all limits. b. to grow luxuriantly or wildly.
[ME, from OF riote debate, dispute, quarrel, from r ( u ) ihoter to quarrel, diminutive of ruir make an uproar, from L rugire roar]
-- rioter, noun