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  Dictionary Definition of ring

ring [1]
1. a circular band of metal or other material, especially one of gold or other precious metal, often set with gems, for wearing on the finger as an ornament, a token of betrothal or marriage, etc.
2. anything having the form of a circular band.
3. a circular line or mark.
4. a circular course: to dance in a ring.
5. the outside edge of a circular body, as a wheel.
6. a single turn in a spiral or helix or in a spiral course.
7. Geometry the area or space between two concentric circles.
8. one of the concentric layers of wood produced yearly in the trunks of exogenous trees.
9. a circle of bark cut from around a tree.
10. a number of persons or things placed in a circle.
11. an enclosed circular or other area, as one in which some sport or exhibition takes place: the ring of a circus.
12. an enclosure in which boxing and wrestling matches take place (usu. a square area marked off by stakes and ropes).
13. the sport of boxing.
14. a space devoted to betting at a racecourse, not necessarily circular in shape: betting ring, ledger ring, paddock ring.
15. competition; contest: to toss one's hat in the ring.
16. a group of persons cooperating for selfish or illegal purposes, as to control a business, monopolise a particular market, etc.
17. Chemistry a number of atoms linked in a cyclic form.
18. Colloquial the anus.
-- verb ( ringed, ringing )
-- verb (t)
19. to surround with a ring; encircle.
20. to form into a ring.
21. to put a ring in the nose of (an animal).
22. to hem in (animals, especially cattle) by riding or circling about them.
23. Agriculture to remove wool from around the prepuce of rams and wethers to prevent fouling.
24. to ringbark.
25. (in ring toss games) to hurl a ring over (a stake or peg).
-- verb (i)
26. to form a ring or rings.
27. to move in a ring or a constantly curving course.
28. (of a mob of cattle) to form into a circling herd.
-- phrase
29. ring the board ; ring the shed, to shear more sheep than anyone else in the shearing shed.
30. run rings round, Colloquial to be markedly superior to; easily surpass.
[ME; OE hring, c. D ring, G Ring, Icel. hringr. Cf. RANK1 ]