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  Dictionary Definition of rib

rib [1]
1. one of a series of long, slender, curved bones, occurring in pairs, more or less enclosing the thoracic cavity, and articulated with the vertebrae.
2. a cut of meat, as beef, containing a rib.
3. some thing or part resembling a rib in form, position, or use, as a supporting or strengthening part.
4. an arch or arched member, plain or moulded, forming a support of a vault, or a merely decorative feature of like appearance on the surface of a vault or ceiling.
5. a structural member which supports the shape of something: an umbrella rib.
6. one of the curved timbers or members in a ship's frame which spring upwards and outwards from the keel.
7. a primary vein of a leaf.
8. a ridge, as in poplin or rep, caused by heavy yarn.
9. Knitting a pattern in which plain and purl stitches are alternated.
10. a wife (in humorous allusion to the creation of Eve. Gen. 2:21--22).
11. a strip of metal joining the barrel of a double-barrelled shotgun, which acts as a guide to aligning the sights.
12. Bookbinding a. one of the raised lines where the stitching runs across the spine of a book. b. such a line used ornamentally.
-- verb ( ribbed, ribbing )
-- verb (t)
13. to furnish or strengthen with ribs.
14. to enclose as with ribs.
15. to mark with riblike ridges or markings.
16. to knit (an article) in a rib.
-- verb (i)
17. to knit in a rib.
[ME and OE, c. G Rippe ]
-- ribbed, adjective