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  Dictionary Definition of relay


-- noun
1. a set of persons relieving others or taking turns; a shift.
2. a fresh set of dogs or horses posted in readiness for use in a hunt, on a journey, etc.
3. Athletics a. a relay race. b. one of the lengths, or legs, of a relay race.
4. an automatic device for operating the controls of a larger piece of equipment.
5. Electricity a. a device by means of which a change of current or voltage in one circuit can be made to produce a change in the electrical condition of another circuit. b. a device that is operative by a variation in the conditions of one electric circuit to effect the operation of other devices in the same or another electric circuit.
-- verb (t)
6. to carry forward by or as by relays: to relay a message.
7. to provide with or replace by fresh relays.
8. Electricity to retransmit by means of a telegraphic relay, or as such a relay does.
-- verb (i)
9. Electricity to relay a message.
[ME, from OF relais, originally, hounds in reserve along the line of the hunt, from relaier leave behind]