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  Dictionary Definition of reel

reel [1]
1. a cylinder, frame, or other device, turning on an axis, on which to wind something.
2. a rotatory device attached to a fishing rod at the butt, for winding up or letting out the line.
3. a small cylinder of wood or other material, now typically expanded at each end and having a hole lengthwise through the centre, on which thread is wound.
4. a quantity of something wound on a reel.
5. a. the spool, usually metal, on which film is wound. b. a roll of celluloid bearing a series of photographs to be exhibited with a film projector. c. the standard length of cinema film for projection (about 300 metres).
6. a rotatory spool of line used by surf-lifesavers.
-- verb (t)
7. to wind on a reel, as thread, yarn, etc.
8. to draw with a reel, or by winding: to reel in a fish.
-- phrase
9. reel off, to say, write, or produce in an easy, continuous way.
[ME rele, OE hreol ]
-- reeler, noun