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  Dictionary Definition of red

adjective, redder, reddest, noun

-- adjective
1. of a spectral hue beyond orange in the spectrum.
2. distinguished by being red, wearing red, having red clothing, etc.
3. ( often cap. ) ultraradical politically, especially communist.
-- noun
4. any of the hues adjacent to orange in the spectrum, such as scarlet, vermilion, cherry.
5. something red.
6. red wine, as opposed to white (def. 33).
7. ( often cap. ) an ultraradical in politics, especially a communist.
8. Archery a ring on a target coloured red, scoring seven points.
-- phrase
9. paint the town red, Colloquial to celebrate, especially wildly and extravagantly.
10. see red, Colloquial to become angry or infuriated.
11. the red, a. red ink as used in bookkeeping and accounting practice for recording losses and deficits in financial statements. b. loss or deficit: to be in or out of the red.
[ME red ( e ), OE read, c. G rot, akin to L rufus, ruber ]