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  Dictionary Definition of rates

rate [1]
noun, verb, rated, rating.

-- noun
1. a certain quantity or amount of one thing considered in relation to a unit of another thing and used as a standard or measure: at the rate of 60 kilometres an hour.
2. a fixed charge per unit of quantity: a rate of 10 cents in the dollar.
3. the amount of a charge or payment with reference to some basis of calculation: the rate of interest.
4. price: to cut rates.
5. degree of speed, of travelling, working, etc.: to work at a rapid rate.
6. degree or relative amount of action or procedure: the rate of increase.
7. relative condition or quality; grade, class, or sort.
8. assigned position in any of a series of graded classes; rating.
9. ( usually plural ) a tax on property, imposed by a local authority and used for the maintenance and supply of services, as garbage, sewerage, etc: municipal rates; water rates.
-- verb (t)
10. to estimate the value or worth of; appraise.
11. to esteem, consider, or account: he was rated one of the rich men of the city.
12. to fix at a certain rate, as of charge or payment.
13. to value for purposes of taxation, etc.
14. to make subject to the payment of a certain rate or tax.
15. to deserve.
16. Chiefly Nautical to place in a certain class, etc., as a ship or a seaman; give a certain rating to.
17. US. to arrange for the conveyance of (goods) at a certain rate.
-- verb (i)
18. to have value, standing, etc.
19. to have position in a certain class.
-- phrase
20. at any rate, a. under any circumstances; in any case; at all events. b. at least.
21. at a rate of knots ; at the rate of knots, Colloquial very fast.
22. at this rate, if the present circumstances continue.
[ME, from ML rata fixed amount or portion, rate, prop. fem. of L ratus, pp., fixed by calculation, determined. See RATIO ]