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  Dictionary Definition of range

1. the extent to which, or the limits between which, variation is possible: the range of prices for a commodity.
2. the extent or scope of the operation or efficacy of something: within range of vision.
3. the distance to which a projectile is or may be sent by a weapon, etc.
4. the distance of the target from the weapon.
5. an area in which shooting at targets is practised either with guns or with missiles.
6. the distance which an aircraft, ship, or land vehicle can travel without refuelling.
7. the distance of something to be located from some point of operation, as in sound-ranging.
8. Statistics the difference between the smallest and largest varieties in a statistical distribution.
9. the compass of a musical instrument or a voice.
10. Surveying a. the extension or prolongation of a line to intersect a transit line usually employed for location of physical features. b. a line established by markers on shore for the location of soundings.
11. a rank, class, or order.
12. a row or line, as of persons or things.
13. a set or series.
14. the act of ranging, or moving about, as over an area or region.
15. an area or tract that is or may be ranged over.
16. the region over which something is distributed, is found, or occurs: the range of a plant.
17. a chain of mountains: a mountain range.
18. ( plural ) country broken by hills or small mountains, not necessarily in a connected line or series.
19. a form of large stove, portable or stationary, for cooking, now usually having one or more ovens, and openings on the top for heating various articles at once.
-- verb ( ranged, ranging )
-- verb (t)
20. (sometimes followed by in, among, alongside, etc.) to draw up or dispose (persons or things) in a row or line, in rows or lines, or in a particular position, company, or group.
21. to dispose systematically; set in order; arrange.
22. to place in a particular class; classify.
23. to make straight, level, or even, as lines of type.
24. to pass over or through (an area or region) in all directions, as in exploring or searching.
25. to pasture (cattle) on a range.
26. to train, as a telescope, upon an object.
27. to obtain the range of (something aimed at or to be located).
28. to live in (the bush or countryside) in the manner of a bushranger or outlaw: he ranged the bush for several months.
29. Nautical \fs2