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  Dictionary Definition of railer

rail [1]
1. a bar of wood or metal fixed more or less horizontally for any of various purposes, as for a support, barrier, fence, railing, etc.
2. a fence; a railing, especially ( plural ) at a racecourse.
3. one of a pair of steel bars that provide a guide and running surface for the wheels of trains, railway carriages, etc.
4. the railway, as a means of transportation: to travel by rail.
5. ( plural ) Stock Exchange stocks, shares, etc., of railways.
6. Nautical the upper part of the bulwarks of a ship.
7. the edge of a surfboard.
8. a horizontal timber or piece in a framework or in panelling.
-- verb (t)
9. to furnish with a rail or rails.
-- verb (i)
10. (of horses, dogs, etc.) to run close to the rails.
-- phrase
11. off the rails, in an abnormal condition; insane; out of control.
12. rail in ; rail off, to enclose with a fence, rail or rails.
[ME raylle, from OF reille, from L regula rule, straight stick, bar. See RULE ]