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  Dictionary Definition of rage

noun, verb, raged, raging.

-- noun
1. angry fury; violent anger: to fall into a rage.
2. fury or violence of wind, waves, fire, disease, etc.
3. violence of feeling, desire, or appetite: the rage of thirst.
4. a violent desire or passion.
5. ardour; fervour; enthusiasm: poetic rage.
6. the object of widespread enthusiasm: chess became all the rage.
7. Colloquial an exciting or entertaining event: that party was a rage.
8. Obsolete insanity.
-- verb (i)
9. to act or speak with fury; show or feel violent anger.
10. to move, rush, dash, or surge furiously.
11. to proceed, continue, or prevail with great violence: the battle raged ten days.
12. (of feelings, etc.) to hold sway with unabated violence.
13. Colloquial to set about enjoying oneself: let's go raging.
[ME, from OF, from VL rabia, for L rabies madness, rage. See RABIES ]