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  Dictionary Definition of rag

rag [1]
1. a comparatively worthless fragment of cloth, especially one resulting from tearing or wear.
2. ( plural ) ragged or tattered clothing.
3. a shred, scrap, or fragmentary bit of anything.
4. Colloquial an article of cloth, paper, etc., such as a handkerchief, a theatre curtain, or a piece of paper money.
5. Colloquial a newspaper or magazine, especially one considered as being of little value.
6. Colloquial a wretched or worthless person or thing.
7. Colloquial a song or a piece of instrumental music in ragtime.
8. Botany the axis and carpellary walls of a citrus fruit.
-- phrase
9. chew the rag, a. to argue or grumble. b. to brood or grieve. c. to gossip or chat.
10. from rags to riches, from poverty to wealth.
11. glad rags, Colloquial fine clothes.
12. on the rags, Colloquial menstruating.
13. sky the rag, Colloquial to surrender; give in.
[ME ragg ( e ), from Scandinavian; cf. Icel. rögg shag]