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  Dictionary Definition of quarter

1. one of the four equal or equivalent parts into which anything is or may be divided: a quarter of an apple.
2. Colloquial one of the segments into which a citrus fruit, as an orange or a mandarin, naturally divides.
3. US and Canada. one fourth of a dollar (25 cents).
4. a silver coin of this value.
5. one fourth of an hour (15 minutes).
6. the moment marking this period.
7. one fourth of a year.
8. Astronomy a. a fourth of the moon's period or monthly revolution, being that portion of its period or orbital course between a quadrature and a syzygy. b. either quadrature of the moon. c. first quarter, that fourth of the moon's period coming between the new moon and the next half moon. d. last quarter, that fourth of the moon's period coming between the second half-moon and the new moon.
9. Sport any one of the four periods that make up certain games, such as Australian Rules, etc.
10. a unit of weight in the imperial system, the fourth part of a hundredweight, or approx. 12.7 kg.
11. a measure in the imperial system of capacity of grain, etc., equal to 8 bushels, or approx. 0.3 m3.
12. the region of any of the four principal points of the compass or divisions of the horizon.
13. such a point or division.
14. any point or direction of the compass.
15. a region, district, or place.
16. a particular district of a city or town, especially one appropriated to or occupied by a particular class or group of people.
17. ( usually plural ) a. a place of stay; lodgings; residence. b. Military the buildings, houses, barracks, or rooms occupied by military personnel or their families.
18. a part or member of a community, government, etc., which is not specified: information from a high quarter.
19. mercy or indulgence, especially as shown by sparing the life and accepting the surrender of a defeated enemy.
20. one of the four parts, each including a leg, of the body or carcass of a quadruped.
21. Veterinary Science either side of a horse's hoof, between heel and toe.
22. Shoemaking the part of a boot or shoe on either side of the foot, from the middle of the back to the vamp.
23. Nautical a. the after part of a ship's side, usually from about the aftermost mast to the stern. b. the general horizontal direction 45 from the stern of a ship on either side: land in sight on the port quarter. c. one of the stations to which crew members are called for battle, emergencies, or drills. d. the part of a yard between the slings and the yardarm.
24. Heraldry