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  Dictionary Definition of pure

adjective ( purer, purest )

1. free from extraneous matter, or from mixture with anything of a different, inferior, or contaminating kind: pure gold.
2. unmodified by an admixture; simple or homogeneous: a pure colour.
3. of unmixed descent.
4. free from foreign or inappropriate elements: pure Attic Greek.
5. (of language) idiomatic, and unmixed with foreign elements.
6. (of literary style) straightforward; unaffected.
7. abstract or theoretical (opposed to applied ): pure science.
8. without discordant quality; clear and true.
9. Phonetics monophthongal.
10. unqualified; absolute; utter; sheer: pure ignorance.
11. being that and nothing else; mere: a pure accident.
12. clean, spotless, or unsullied: pure hands.
13. clear; free from blemish: a pure complexion.
14. untainted with evil; innocent.
15. inexperienced or uninterested in sexual matters; virginal.
16. ceremonially clean.
17. free or without guilt; guiltless.
18. independent of sense or experience: pure knowledge.
19. Biology, Genetics a. homozygous. b. containing but one characteristic for a trait.
[ME pur, from OF, from L purus clean, unmixed, plain, pure]
-- pureness, noun