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  Dictionary Definition of puddle

1. a small pool of water, especially dirty water, as in a road after rain.
2. a small pool of any liquid.
3. clay, or a similar material, which has been mixed with water and tempered, used as a watertight canal lining, etc.
4. Rowing the swirl of water left by the blade of an oar or all the oars, after a stroke.
-- verb (t) ( puddled, puddling )
5. to mark or fill with puddles.
6. to wet with dirty water, etc.
7. to make (water) muddy or dirty.
8. to muddle or confuse.
9. to make (clay, etc.) into puddle.
10. to cover with pasty clay or puddle.
11. Mining to work together water and earth rich in clay so as to separate out any gold, opal, etc.
12. to subject (molten iron) to the process of puddling.
13. Horticulture to dip (the roots of a tree, shrub, etc.) into a mixture of loam and water to retard drying out during transplanting.
[ME puddel, podel, apparently from OE pudd ditch]
-- puddly, adjective