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  Dictionary Definition of pot

pot [1]
1. an earthen, metallic, or other container, usually round and deep, used for domestic or other purposes.
2. such a vessel with its contents.
3. a potful.
4. a potful of liquor.
5. liquor or other drink.
6. a wicker vessel for trapping fish or crustaceans.
7. a round or oval refractory container in which glass is melted.
8. Colloquial a large sum of money.
9. the aggregate of bets at stake at one time, as in card games, especially poker.
10. Colloquial (in horseracing) a heavily backed horse; favourite.
11. pot shot.
12. a. a medium sized beer glass; middy. b. the contents of such a glass.
13. Colloquial an important person: a big pot.
14. Colloquial potbelly.
15. a chamber-pot; potty.
16. Colloquial a trophy or prize in a contest, especially a silver cup.
17. ( plural ) Colloquial a large quantity.
18. Colloquial marijuana.
-- verb ( potted, potting )
-- verb (t)
19. to put into a pot.
20. to preserve (food) in a pot.
21. to cook in a pot.
22. to plant in a pot of soil.
23. Hunting a. to shoot (game birds) on the ground or water, or (game animals) at rest, instead of in flight or running. b. to shoot for food, not for sport.
24. Colloquial to capture, secure, or win.
25. Billiards to pocket.
26. Colloquial to put (a young child) on a potty.
27. Colloquial to make pregnant.
-- verb (i)
28. Colloquial to take a pot shot; shoot.
29. to make pots, as a potter.
-- phrase
30. go to pot, to deteriorate.
31. put someone's pot on, Colloquial to inform against.
[ME and OE pott, c. MLG pot. Cf. F pot (? from G)]