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  Dictionary Definition of pose

pose [1]
verb, posed, posing, noun

-- verb (i)
1. to affect a particular character as with a view to the impression made on others.
2. to present oneself before others: to pose as a judge of literature.
3. to assume or hold a position or attitude for some artistic purpose.
-- verb (t)
4. to place in a suitable position or attitude for a picture, tableau, or the like: to pose a group for a photograph.
5. to assert, state, or propound: to pose a hard problem.
6. Archaic. to put or place.
-- noun
7. attitude or posture of body: her pose had a kind of defiance in it.
8. attitude assumed in thought or conduct.
9. the act or period of posing, as for a picture.
10. a position or attitude assumed in posing, or exhibited by a figure in a picture, sculptural work, tableau, or the like.
11. a studied attitude or mere affectation, as of some character, quality, sentiment, or course: his liberalism is all a pose.
[ME, from OF poser, from LL pausare lay down (a sense due to confusion with L ponere place, put), from L: halt, cease]